I love moving furniture around!

Not really sure why, but one of the most satisfying feelings, for my self, is rearranging things. Suppose it’s a new perspective, a fresh view, which are the same thing. I have often found myself say, ” because I’m bored” when the kids used to ask why. Now they and my dear husband, have come to accept my fresh starts for this room, or that one. Sometimes youngest is excited too for the change of pace. I also hope it subconsciously teaches all our four kids, that virtuously nothing new, is necessary. We are in such a gimme gimme world right now. I want our kids to know how to be content with all things, when there is much, and when there is little, or nothing. We have God and he is our creator, I’m thankful He made us creative too, cause then I’m not bored lol…


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